January 27, 2005

Streetstudio Luang Prabang II

Day two of the setup got off to a rocky start. I was told of another market but when my tuk-tuk arrived, the new market was empty. It didn't open until 8AM. We headed back to Phosay Market and the site of yesterday's session. As I began to setup in my little place, I was told I was not allowed to be there. They wanted me a little more out of the way. They suggested a nice little corner without as much traffic but surrounded by vendors who got a kick out my deal. One of the market managers made me a sign in Lao that said "free pictures" and I was off and running.

The adidas effect was in full force again. At one point a good 30% of the people I could see were wearing adidas apparel. On the bright side, more women were willing to pose today. I was amidst a bunch of women selling their stuff so they would persuade each other to pose with for me. It became a good laugh for everyone. I made some extreme close-ups today that are fun. I am inches from their faces and it doesn't phase them a bit. I love that. I am shooting more good shots than I am posting to the blog. Mostly because I don't have that much to write.

Just to give you a sense of what this whole thing looks like I made a shot of today's setup. I've been trying to get a shot or two of every location just for the record.

It was about 7:30 in the morning. As I said yesterday, the sun starts to burn through the mist by about 11:00 so getting an early start is essential. Also, the tourists start to show up as the day goes on. It's a good rule that if you want a place to yourself, get up early. With all the roosters in this town, it's hard to sleep in anyway.

Take pictures early and closely.
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