March 20, 2005

Sessions@AOL with Al Green

I got asked to shoot Al Green for another Sessions@AOL. My stubborn negotiations with AOL finally worked themselves out and the magnificent complexities of corporate decision-making gave rise to a photographer-friendly contract that I was happy to sign. The main concern was ownership of my images and the Work-for-Hire crap they wanted me to sign wasn't going to fly. If you want a little insight into how I stuck it out, I've excepted a piece of the past APA (Advertising Photographers of America) President Jeff Schewe's letter which reads, "Say no to circumstances that are bad for yourselves as individuals and the industry as a whole. Say no to bad contracts. Say no to exploitation. Say no to Work-for-Hire. Say no to Royalty Free. Saying no, in a professional but firm manner, is the surest way to command more respect." If you want to learn a little more about this, check out the APA's many valuable resources.

So anyway, there I was again, shooting Al Green after a few months of finding my own subjects. There I was again getting paid to take pictures. There I was again being pulled in different directions by the different folks who all have a vision of their own. "Shoot this," "shoot that," "we need a trade shot over here," "do your portrait now," "you have five minutes to do your portrait." It sounds annoying but in the heat of it all, it's right up my alley. I like the spontaneity of the Sessions work. I take a certain amount of pride in making good photos under conditions that are almost entirely out of my control. I jump right in and work it. If I am rusty at anything after my time away, it's editing. It took forever to winnow down my selects for AOL's photo editor. Something about sitting in front of a computer for hours just isn't as compelling as making pictures.

For fans and others alike, let me say that The Reverend Al Green ripped the roof of the recording studio during his performance and one-on-one he has a childlike giddiness that is infectious. Bravo Rev. Al!

Take pictures.

March 15, 2005

PhotoRecovery® from LC Technology is Crap

So almost a month after downloading some photo recovery software from LC technology I have finally given up and I'm pissed off. Here's what I've been posting on the different retail review message boards like

"I downloaded this product for my mac and it failed in every sense. When I wrote customer service they made it seem like it was my fault. That, despite me alerting them to a "bug" that sent them rewriting the program for a week before getting back to me with a new version.

After attempting to recover my images (which flashfixers did without a problem) using 2 different computers and 3 different card readers it still failed and I was still told it was my fault.

All that and they refused to give me my money back.

Screw them. There are much better and more honest options out there. Buy elsewhere."

Simple as that. Not only are they idiots, they are thieves.

Take pictures, don't buy Photorecovery from LC Technology. Hrrrumph.

March 08, 2005

Getting It Together...Slowly

So it turns out I shot way too many photos over the last two months. I'm now trying to catalog over 20,000 images using Extensis Portfolio 7 which is working but not very well. I know it's the best program out there for managing photos but if you start in the hole the way I am, it can be a daunting and time consuming task to organize with any program.

In a casual perusal of my images I found this pretty one from Bangkok. These wooden woman can be found all over the place and are one of those subtle reminders that you aren't in Kansas. It's intended to be a pretty picture and I've been looking for it on and off over the past month but could never find it. That's where Portfolio comes in so handy. It makes 256 pixel thumbnails of everything so I can find all those lost images with much greater ease.

I look forward to one day having all my images so easily accessed. Maybe I'll even motivate and add keywords. That should only take a few years!

Take pictures, stay organized and Happy Birthday Mom!