December 12, 2006

Move Over Apple

Time has pretty much run out for me doing any holiday shopping. Instead, I'm preparing a little something (it's a secret) that has me looking for alternatives to Aperture and/or iPhoto books. looks amazing. It has some remarkable pricing and what seems like total design flexibly. The prices are simply irresistible and down the line I see all kinds of fun opportunities to make books with them. Time, again, not being on my side brings me to They use the exact same printer and a very similar interface as Apple but they come in at about one half to one third the cost. The real selling point for me was that their hardcover books allow you to add a customized dust jacket. Something Apple doesn't even offer.

I learned about both of these while doing Google searches for self-publishing and ended up reading this. Check it out. He pretty much breaks it all down.

Take pictures, self-publish.
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