June 05, 2006

Look, Nature!

I find this funny. June 15th has been declared Nature Photography Day and Adorama even put out a press release with suggested ways to participate.

I added some ads to my website but I don't like it. Reps orders you know. The ads are boring as can be. It's hard to believe how much money I got paid to do them versus how completely ugly they are. That said, being the glutton that I am, I can't wait to shoot more. Cha-ching.

Take pictures of nature.

June 02, 2006

Lucky Me

It's my lucky day. I was accompanying some friends over to a local camera store that shall remain nameless. Adorama was closed for a holiday. These friends were in the throws of the Canon vs Nikon debate and several salesfolk got involved. I lamented the fact that there were no D200 bodies around when the owner slipped that he had just gotten two in. I pulled out my card and now one is mine. No wait-list whatsoever, just plain lucky.

Take pictures.