September 15, 2006

Rain Rain Come My Way

I wasn't gonna crop this one to the 11x14 ratio at first but I am going to try to be disciplined about it. I shot with that ratio in mind and then all of sudden the 6x9 ratio was working for me. It's the Tao of photography, I guess. Do without doing. Either that or Murphy's Law.

Anyway, here's another from the many portraits made on the playa. I really need to get editing. I have about 300 picks that all need cropping and cleaning up. All I can hope for is lots of rain and no reason to go outside and play.

Take pictures.

September 14, 2006

No Ads by Google

I just removed the little "Ads by Google" thing that has been sitting on the right of my blog. After almost two years with the banner there I made a whopping one hundred bucks. It's just not worth it polluting my nice little blog. We're advertising free from here on out.

I just checked my account with then and it seems I've left twenty six bucks on the table which I can try to make back somewhere else. Not likely.

Take pictures commercial free.

Burned Out

It's been five years since September 11th, 2001 and I just spent the week dodging televisions, magazines and newspapers dragging out the images that are already burned in my head. For whatever reason, probably best left to a psychologist, I just don't need to see those again and again and again. If someone wants to argue the power of images, I've got ammo.

So, I offer another burning image. One that is positive, hopeful and alas, good year after year. The Man burns in 351 days.

More portraits are coming soon. I've been delayed becasue I had to replace the hard drive on my Powerbook. Hundreds of bad blocks spoke of an immanent and complete loss. As a do-it-yourselfer, I violated the Apple warranty on my laptop and my mom's in the process. Fun!

Take pictures.

September 07, 2006


So I have lots of portraits from Burning Man. Over the next few days, maybe weeks, I'll be posting some, telling a story or two about their making and giving a little glimpse into the studio I brought onto the playa.

This kid was a "neighbor" who loved the bike jump our camp created. He must have taken it 200 hundred times over the course of the week. My studio was right next to the wooden ramp so I had to watch my back as he flew past. On the last day, he was covered in playa dust and for the first time acknowledged my request to make his portrait. This is the result. I have some others with the bike but something about this angle and gaze sticks with me.

Take pictures, jump bikes.

It's my blog, I'll blog when I want to.

Someone should remake that song.

Anyway, I'm back. I took the Summer off, I guess. I don't know really. I just wasn't into blogging and my mind was elsewhere. I had a stressful time on an ad shoot and it turned me off to things photographic for a while. I am using some self-discipline to continue this experiment for now and I suspect I'll stay at it until next Summer. Kinda like the Car Talk guys and their puzzler.

That said, thank you to all the prodders, anonymous and otherwise. It's humbling to think my ramblings and random image sharing has such and influence. Apologies for not responding to everyone. It's not my thing. Really. I suck at email.

So, I've got lots to share. Stay tuned. I'm back. More burning Man portraits (of other people) are immanent.

Take pictures, as I'm sure you have.