February 11, 2007

Drive-by Angkor Wat

I thought I'd share a random landscape shot after a few days of portraits. This is one I don't recall ever seeing before. I shot so many photographs during my time in Southeast Asia that I still haven't had the time to look through them all.

This morning I told myself that I'd pick a folder, find a photo and share it. Sure enough, this is the one I picked. It's made from a moving motorcycle rickshaw towards the end of the day as I was leaving the temple complex. I made boatloads of moving vehicle shots during that time most of which are a mess. That's sort of the nature of the beast.

It reminds me of the shot I made of the Taj Mahal earlier this year. You can only get this shot in one place. Blurry? Yes. Unmistakably Angkor Wat? Yes. That's fun. It almost looks like it's shot through a wrinkled paper towel. Especially in he upper right corner. And I love the little glints of orange which are monks in their robes. Good memories.

Make pictures.
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