February 20, 2007

Hoboken Single

I made this little guy in 2003 as part of my mundane series but never found a match for it. It's been sitting in a "Hoboken" folder all by itself patiently waiting to be seen with a partner image but one never comes. This morning I took pity on it and decided to give it it's debut all by itself. A nice boring shot of the Hoboken PATH station can stand on it's own darn it. And so it does.

I remember making this shot as if it was last night. I'd been at my friend's house for a party and at the end of the night made my way back home via the PATH train. I was challenged to make an interesting shot in the station as a way to kill some time. It was just a little different than the New York subways so my attention was peeked at the fresh environment. I don't get to Jersey much. Anyway, while I was waiting, I bopped around the station looking to make the some boring photos. This is one of them.

I also remember my efforts coming to an end when a transit cop told me I wasn't allowed to shoot in there "'cus it was a terrorist threat." That kind of crap pisses me off but I obliged without challenging the ludicrousness of his assertion. Pick your battles folks.

Make pictures, stay single.
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