February 08, 2007


In what seems like another pass over and through and within my hard drive's seemingly endless amount of stored photos I've rediscovered a bunch that I really like.

One such photo is this lovely, colorful candid of my friend Crystal. She was in front of her house as twilight approached, sitting in the driver's seat of a vintage car. I believe this is shot with my 85mm but I can't be sure. It's not the 50, that's for sure. Obviously monitors differ but in print it's really vivid.

I am going to share some more old shots over the next few days just because it's a shame they haven't been seen more widely. For whatever reason, I seem to have lots of photos that don't get out much. I lose track of them until days like today and yesterday. And heck, that's why I have this blog; to share.

Bonus: Last night my dreams were extra rich and I credit that to all the images I poked through over the course of the day. Here's hoping tonight provides equal nocturnal pleasures.

Make pictures, share, dream.
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