February 10, 2007

Retrato Boriqua

This is Ronald Martinez. With any luck you'll be seeing and hearing more of him in the future. He is embarking on his dream to become a famous Latin singer and I was invited to make portraits of him in Puerto Rico.

This shot was made in a random garage that we stumbled into early in our time together. I like the way the red metal that is out of focus in the foreground blends with his shirt color. I am a sucker for slightly obstructed views of the subject. To me, It feels more real. And considering the whole portrait experience is often so contrived, I am drawn to anything that can code an image with a more authentic or casual feel.

I shot with is with my 80-200 at something like ƒ4. I find shooting at 2.8 is problematic for consistent focus so I tend to bump it down a stop, light permitting.

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