March 06, 2007

Take Two

With a little more time (or late-night post-party I-don't-know-what) I brought the same two pictures into a place that is more appropriate for them. I gave them my little black and white vignetted touch which I think works better. I did the same thing to my Gym Jones pictures a while back as well.

It's kind of funny to see the way the same images transform just based on a few minutes of playing with them and using the full frame. I think the wide open aperture stuff is better suited for individual presentation. My Mundane stuff is better served by less dramatic focus.

And speaking of dramatic focus, 300 is a study in selective focus. The beautiful thing about such techniques in moving pictures is that when the camera or the subject moves, the focus tracks with them and you can see it happening. There are dozens of moments in the film that are riviting just based on how the camera is focused.

The first thing I told Zack and Larry Fong (the cinematographer) when I saw them after the screening was that I am a sucker for wide open apertures. Larry laughed and said "it was two stops down from where Zack wanted to shoot." Funny stuff.

Make pictures wide open.
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