July 01, 2007

For Me or Not For Me?

I was at dinner with my client a few nights ago and demonstrated the power and ease of Photoshop. I let her chose an image that she thought might work for her marketing and communications efforts and I gave it my special sauce and cleaned up some unwanted clutter. I think we got something nice.

Personally, I liked the less smiley images but hey, it's marketing. Part of the fun of this medium is the abilty to explore each moment and see how time and expression can change the message one takes away from any given image. I am here to deliver for a client and that is my priority but in no way am I selling out. I am here because they like what I do and what I do, as far as I can tell, is respond to situations and try to make good pictures within that context. That's lucky for both the client and me. Plus, it's not like I work in an office that bans personal email or something. I can shoot coffee one second and a portrait of an old lady in the next. Two for them, one for me, etc. Excellent deal.

Make pictures, drink specialty coffee.
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