November 28, 2007

I'm Watching the Watchmen

I'm alive.
I'm in Vancouver.
I'm working.

I'm working every day of the week for a minimum of twelve hours straight and for the past week and into the next two weeks it's just at night. A night that last's longer than the day. And wetter and colder than most places this time of year.

Why? Because Zack Snyder is making a new movie and I've been asked to participate in its assembly. They call me Stills Photographer.

It's been eye-opening to say the least and absolutely unexpectedly consuming. And finally, because of the nature of the work, I can't share my images. At least until now. Over the next month or two or three I intend to release studio-approved images here and if appropriate, mirrored on the movie's blog that give a little glimpse into my efforts. This week they released four images that sent the fanboy's into a frenzy.

Amazingly, the studio released these images with little or no manipulations. I would have given them a little lovin' if nothing else. They didn't even rename them staying instead with my numbering scheme. So be it. If it were me, I'd have dipped 'em in the special sauce.

As a partial aside, the links to the fan site get me thinking about the power of photographs again. We're on lock-down on set to prevent the leaking of images. I heard rumors of people being frisked for cameras before coming onto the backlot. It's all quite fascinating but more on that later.

Make pictures. Be patient.
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