March 31, 2007

Guatemala City

I haven't had a spare second to edit some recent shot but somehow I found a moment to dig this one out of the digital pile to share. How could I not?

It's like the anti-retouching gods were smiling at my recent t-shirt desgins and decided to throw this billboard in my path as I headed out of Guatemala City. Do you really think that shot is done without "photoshop added?" Mind you this is in a spanish speaking country. What in the world are they trying to say?

So silly.

Make pictures.

March 24, 2007


I received this feedback in my inbox the other day:

"You made me happy tonight, it was almost unbelivable to find pictures (and what a quality pictures) of the lovely and special people I got to meet some 12 years ago while I was a dentist in social-rural training year in Jenesano. Your art brought me back in time. I am still feeling the smells, the noises, the texture of the people, traditional "panolones," the fog in the mornings, wow, so many memories...the flavor of the food...uhmmm the "garullas," the love. Oh, almost forgotten...the mosquitoes. I just can say ...Thank you"

Is that not the best thing a photographer can ask for? She's refering to these simple 10 portraits. What a complete honor.

Make pictures.

March 23, 2007

Selling Out

I uploaded some designs and photos onto my Cafépress site to see if anyone might want to wear them around. It's certainly not the prettiest site in the world but it's high-function.

I named my store Black Border after my old collegiate negative carriers that allowed me to print my images full-frame and get that great black edge. It's also surprisingly unused as a term so I thought it'd be good for distinguishing it as a brand and within search engines. Who knows.

I tried to keep my product selections limited to American Apparel clothing but bent here and there for variety's sake. Hopefully they'll start to offer more options from them down the line. I really like their stuff. The organic cotton shirts are my favoirte.

I'm open to suggestions and critique. If there is a photo you want to see on a shirt, please feel free to let me know.

Until then, enjoy.

Make pictures for T-shirts.

March 20, 2007


After twenty days in LA I've gotten soft. 46 degrees seems cold to me. Pathetic.

My friend Mario sent me a little viral ad for This American Life earlier today and I thought I'd share it. It's food for thought.

And while I'm sharing things shared with me, my another friend, MK, sent me this little ditty a while back. Good stuff.

Make pictures. Real ones.

March 17, 2007

Shooting Larry

I'm still in LA and still looking for good subjects to shoot. So when my friend Larry made some comments on this blog, I quickly emailed him to suggest I make his portrait. He was game.

Now I must say this was one where I was a bit stumped. Here I have the opportunity to shoot a brilliant cinematographer whose compositional skills and attentiveness to light is intimidatingly keen. Who am I to be setting up a "depot kino" in his garage anyway? Then something clicked. I just got to playing with what was available. In this case, a spare C-stand did the trick. Earlier, an apple box came in handy. The portrait session was a treat. I just did my thing and it all worked out. Of course, it doesn't hurt when the subject is one of the nicer guys around.

Thanks Larry. I hope you enjoy the results.

Make pictures.

March 13, 2007

Back in Business

This isn't the shot I expected to post but it'll do. I finally got around to testing my latest Home Depot kino light and it just happened to be over at the Snyder house when it all came together.

Tomorrow I'm heading out with it to see what random folks are game to pose. I think I am going to hit up some stunt-men or auto mechanics or both. We'll see.

I've also been furiously playing with Cafépress and the potential for online commerce with some of my photos. That should be up and running shortly. I want to get back home to my photo library and do some testing before revealing that to the public. It's going to be fun if it all works.

Make pictures.

March 08, 2007

In My Head

I promise tomorrow or the next time I post there will be people in the shot. I just had this in my head and I needed to make it. I picked up some spent or abandoned shells that were rusting at the range and wanted to make a little still-life shot with them. I finally did. It's lit with sunlight and shot with my 85mm at ƒ4 or so. I don't remember.

Maybe I'll try this again on a different surface. The concrete is a little distracting.

Make pictures.

March 07, 2007

Tidak (Bahassa for "Not")

Looks like things are on hold for my trip to Sumatra. I was en route to the airport when I got the call from my client to stay put.

Now to find some things to shoot in LA. I've got some time to kill. I may return my rental car and walk back to Pasadena just for kicks. There's bound to be a photo-op or two along the way. My mind is filled with potential projects.

For now, seeing as I'm down here by the airport, I'm going to spend the morning with the folks at 87eleven.

Make pictures wherever you are.

March 06, 2007

Take Two

With a little more time (or late-night post-party I-don't-know-what) I brought the same two pictures into a place that is more appropriate for them. I gave them my little black and white vignetted touch which I think works better. I did the same thing to my Gym Jones pictures a while back as well.

It's kind of funny to see the way the same images transform just based on a few minutes of playing with them and using the full frame. I think the wide open aperture stuff is better suited for individual presentation. My Mundane stuff is better served by less dramatic focus.

And speaking of dramatic focus, 300 is a study in selective focus. The beautiful thing about such techniques in moving pictures is that when the camera or the subject moves, the focus tracks with them and you can see it happening. There are dozens of moments in the film that are riviting just based on how the camera is focused.

The first thing I told Zack and Larry Fong (the cinematographer) when I saw them after the screening was that I am a sucker for wide open apertures. Larry laughed and said "it was two stops down from where Zack wanted to shoot." Funny stuff.

Make pictures wide open.

March 05, 2007

Sight, Trigger-pull, Follow-through

What did you do this weekend? Normally that's a pretty simple question to answer. This weekend was a little different as it involved a whole lot of shotgun shells. Safe to say it was a fascinating experience learning the ways of the righteous gunfighter.

It was odd to shoot something that could kill a person instead of make them smile or look good.

I didn't make many photos but put two together here just to see if they'd work. They don't really but I'm about to go into the 300 premier party and would rather share something today over nothing.

Make pictures.

March 03, 2007


I knew I should have brought my passport with me. It was sitting there on my table and was probably one of the last things I looked at before heading out to Los Angeles. I remember thinking I could take it but it was unlikely that I'd need it. Well, I was wrong.

I just got a last minute invitation to Indonesia which I'm not going to pass up. It'll be FedEx to the rescue on Monday as I leave Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

Make pictures.

March 01, 2007

Somnolent Detachment

On the plane ride over today I awoke for a few minutes and poked around some old shots on my laptop. This is one (or two actually) of some Cambodian school children. It's not perfect. It may not even be good but hey, I was sleepy. And I gave up my window seat to sit with a friend.

I was being mildly tortured by the fact that we flew over Bryce Canyon and the pilot let everyone know. There I was just trying to sleep through the whole thing and not imagine what I was missing.

Make pictures.