June 23, 2008

The Latent Image 2.0

My Mac's keyboard and trackpad have died again. Aside from that being fricking annoying, it prevents further blogging and Photoshop preparations.

I'll be home in early July. Ill share then. It's like the old days of shooting film and waiting to get home to process the rolls.

Take pictures.

June 18, 2008

Clay Klimt

There's something inherently lonely about what I've been attracted to lately. Without going into psychological overdrive, I've simply noticed a quiet, more distant aesthetic towards the things I've felt compelled to shoot. The faces on billboards, the strange textures on walls, the random folks in bars or in the street are common themes for me but they are more distant, not engaged, more spectacle than subject. They are not aware. I don't really feel the need to engage. This shot is strangely reminiscent and as two dimensional as Klimt's "Der Kuss" I just saw.

Whatever the case, I've been trundling along and am now in rainy Budapest. My camera has been in my pocket and used sparingly. I had a lovely camera-free moment last night as the sound of horse-hooves echoed around a magnificent Baroque dome that was part of some Austrian palace. For a moment I was transported to another time or at least a movie set for Mozart. I thought about whipping out the video camera but let it wash over me unmediated.

Make pictures, sometimes.

June 16, 2008

Dresden Reflection

Sleeplessly, I wandered around Dresden yesterday. This church caught my eye in the polished marble of some ugly municipal building. It's a pity things aren't built with the same unbelievable care, artfulness and effort that the old buildings of Dresden embody. While it still a little jewel to behold, I can only imagine what it must have been like back in the day.

Photographically, yesterday was a bit of a wash. (I was simply exhausted. My last night in Berlin was a long one). The point and shoot did a fine job in my cargo pocket and it's nice to wander without the usual crap on my shoulder. I can still see like a photographer but not look like one.

Make pictures.

June 15, 2008

Back on the Road

It's back to photography for a few weeks. Let's see what happens. I've been doing other things of late and while the camera has been present, it hasn't been front and center. Im curious what the next few weeks have in store photographically. It'll be a bit of a public experiment. This shot is from a few weeks ago. Nothing special, but representative of the faces that have been catching my eye all over town.

Anyway, I intend to blog images made over the next weeks without much filtration. I'll be shooting with a Canon G9 unless otherwise specified. Pointin' and shootin' baby!

Make pictures, stay tuned.