July 27, 2009

"Food Bank"

Well folks, this is where your food comes from. I'd love to say otherwise but it seems as though the overwhelming majority of this corn and soybean wonderland we live in (Americans anyway) have places like this to process, distill, reconfigure, mulch, crush, combine and alike. This is where your food comes from unless you are among the very few and fortunate to eat fresh, local, farm raised goodness.

Trains and truckloads of grains make their way quietly through an immense, sophisticated system of which I've only caught a peripheral glimpse and brutally efficient one one level and profoundly wasteful on another. I'm not getting into it here.

I like this shot because right next to the Cargill food factory, was a community food bank. I liked the double meaning one can read into the little sign in the lower right. Cargill, by the way, is a private company and clearly, accountable to no one.

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