July 10, 2009

Hometown Hotdogs

Because food has become such a big part of my trip so far, (something that has me a little shocked given my normal approach to travel) I am increasingly attracted to the road signage enticing folks to eat.

Maybe by themselves they aren't all that interesting but I suspect if I put my efforts towards this stuff, a collection of strong images would emerge fairly quickly. Let's see.

The idea of "collecting" images isn't an new one. It seems a body of work is just that, a collection of images on a theme. It bugs me to think that I'm just being a pack rat, just of a more artistic nature. Like most folks, I spend hours culling stuff out of my closets to give to goodwill and removing excess papers from my desk with too frequent abandon but it all manages to creep back in. Now here I am actively adding to my already burdened hard drive collection with road signs. It's a sickness that I can couch as the artist's bane.

Make pictures, collect wisely.
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