July 21, 2009

Probably Illegal

Approaching Chicago I found myself amidst this BP-owned refinery. It's a barren, protected landscape of huge storage tanks and refinery-type structures. The sky was just lovely around 5PM but the strange military protection signs caused me to pull over in a less-than-save section of road. The timing of traffic lights gave me a 20 second window to make two or three shots before needing to scoot. Plus, I couldn't be sure I was even allowed to make photographs in this post-9/11 era. I did regardless and even banged the left one out as I pulled away by simply lifting my camera over my head and snapping whatever it could see form slightly higher than my scooter would allow.

Putting these diptychs together has been a rather tricky exercise this time. Not all my images have been compatible. And I'm torn between sharing the original images versus just the finished product. I'll work it out shortly. After Iowa, I think I'll have more time to engage my photos.

Make pictures.
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