July 28, 2009

Real Food, Real Farmer

I felt like I knew this guy. He reminded me a friend's dad. I met him because I'd stumbled upon an article on Grist.org while doing "research" into the local food issue. I learned about a small local food movement in Sioux City, IA., and once there I proceeded to meet Ron Muth.

He's a guy who spent 30 years building CAFOs and decided he'd had enough. Today he owns a fabulous little shop called the One Stop Meat Shop that serves as an outlet for all the progressive local farmers to sell their meat, produce, cheese and alike.

We caught up at the Saturday farmer's market and his gracious, frank style made my day. He shared stories, insights, and a laugh or two over the course of the morning. Since the normal omelet guy wasn't working that morning he turned me onto a diner that served his buffalo. In that diner I met folks who turned me onto a friendly soul to visit in Sturgis. It's a study in coincidence and good luck...local stlye.

This shot was made on the back of his truck. There's another in my flicker feed using some found open shade.

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