July 21, 2009

Rear View Farm

I hadn't even been tempted to make a shot like this until I'd pulled over somewhere in Ohio. I think I'd only stopped to make a GPS reference photo with my iPhone when the scene caught my eye. Up went the face shield as I explored what reminded me of an intro to photo depth of field assignment. Oddly, even though I focused on the distance, the mirror itself seemed to blur the scene. Nothing was perfectly sharp but I've made a little promise to myself not to get hung up on focus.

In the past, I've almost always rejected images for not being sharp. Now I find myself attracted to the imperfections and evocative nature of blur. It may be a response to the ubiquitousness of high quality images or a new take on my love of camera-centric aesthetics. I made a shot of the Taj Mahal years ago that, with hindsight, illustrates a turning point for me. More to come.

Make pictures.
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