July 19, 2009


As I've already mentioned in earlier posts, the Vespa Tour has been a far more conversational effort. What has been catching my eye is the logoscaped weirdness of chain stores, restaurants and seed corn. I have no idea what this place was but between the pile of dirt, the strange residual signage, cloudless sky, and general parking lot loneliness I think I have a new topo winner here.

I've kidded my friends that the Local Time Vespa Tour should be dubbed the U-Turn Tour of America because I can't seem to get five miles without having to slow down, turn around, and shoot something along the road. It's the precise reason I'm taking my time and the Vespa makes U-turns a little more stealth and nimble.

Also, as an FYI, the loads of crappy iphone photos in my Flickr stream labeled as GPS Reference are just that. When I remember to do so, I snap a shot with the iPhone in the hopes of later syncing it up with its more composed and considered Nikon-made shot. Good concept, not yet well executed. I'm working on it.

Make pictures.
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