August 03, 2009

Vintage Buffalo Bill

I ended up talking with the man who plays Buffalo Bill in the daily gunfight show in Cody, WY. As we talked I noticed the light on his face was doing cool things. Rather than have that be a distraction from the conversation, I asked to make his portrait. He was more than happy to pose and as I made a few shots I realized there was a obvious vintage photographic possibility with him. I'm not one to play into such things but hey, it's Buffalo Bill for goodness' sake.

The trick was getting a background that didn't distract from his averted gaze. We were on a fairly busy porch just outside a saloon. He was graciously patient as I waited for the activity to subside and I could snap this shot.

My primary compositional concern was the brim of his hat. As this image is not cropped, I tried to place it so that it would just kiss the edge of the frame. Finally, I gave it a little warmth in Lightroom and it was go to go.

Make pictures.
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