August 07, 2009

Photographic Failure

That's a pretty dramatic title for this post. What I mean is much of the last few days' travel has been about the ride, not the photos. I took this with my iPhone and sent it directly to Flickr.

Moving at 60mph down Montana's open roads, with storms behind me, and mountains and sky far beyond human scale everywhere, it's simply not been something around which I can put a frame. The temptation is there, believe me. But as the Vespa dealer in Missoula said to me this morning, "we all have boxes of photos of mountains in our homes."

The impulse to make such photos is obvious but the results are a whole different matter. The postcard-making photographers wait long and work hard to get their images. The odds of stumbling into such a shot while bopping along the road are slim to none.

Make pix. You can't help it.
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