December 19, 2009

Mundane Parking Garage

Still testing. I want to see how a horizontal image displays.

I made this little diptych after seeing a movie and heading into the parking garage. I had walked to the theatre but left with friends who'd driven. I was struck with the strange emptiness and patterns of the space. I pulled out my iPhone and made a few wide shots and then "focused" on a few details. The 504 part was made in haste as I was rushed to catch up with the gang who'd already gotten to the car. The long exposure blur effect is what my photography professors always referred to as a "happy accident."

I later played with the images in the TiltShiftGen iPhone app which is probably my favorite, photography app out there. It gives my little images just the right amount of love and yet it's simple and clunky enough that it still feels rough.

Otherwise, Sucker Punch filming is about to pause for the holiday hiatus. That's it for now. I'm going to share a few more iPhone photo app ramblings shortly.

Make pix.

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