December 19, 2009

Young Farmer

I'm testing a new, larger format for sharing images and I'm using the promised portrait of a young farmer just outside Ketchum, ID to do it.

I made this photo after a friend introduced me to a woman, who knew a man whose son was a gifted gardener/farmer. We travelled a few minutes south of town to meet him sitting and eating peppers amidst his well crafted, mandela-shaped garden. After chatting with him for a while I was inspired to make a Streetstudio-style portrait. I looked around to see a trailer that would serve as my white background and made a few frames.

Later, I cleaned up a few dents and dirt that had been part of the metal background but it's well within the parameters of my self-imposed limited "retouching" mandate. Once I have a subject against a makeshift white background, I have no problem erasing and otherwise Photoshoping that background to match my vision. Could the light be better? Sure, but considering the spontaneous nature of the moment, I'm cool with it. Perfection is overrated.

Make pictures.

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