July 30, 2009

On Sharing

I've told folks at the Apple Talks I've been giving that my Local Time Vespa Tour Flickr Set will contain more images than usual because I want to give a glimpse into some of my thinking not because all the shots are good. I will be sharing way more than is probably smart for a professional to show simply because it's convention to limit images to only the best. Well guess what, there goes convention right out the window. (This blog will still serve as a forum for the better or at least more discursive stuff).

If I'm to live up to my stated notion of inspiring others then it seems appropriate for me to share my initial picks rather than just my final edits. For this trip, my process is to transfer the images into Lightroom, make my initial picks, give them some love, and then upload to Flickr. During that last upload I may delete a few but only because they are redundant or otherwise overkill. There you have it.

Incidentally, this picture shows exactly how I'm rolling (minus the camera which sits strapped over my right shoulder and rests on my lap/between my legs).

Make pictures, edit later.