December 31, 2009

2010 Calling

I don't recall where I was when I took this. Probably an airport. Just this morning I read that "AT&T is readying for the end of analog landlines" and it seems apropos to embrace such a change. Problematic? Sure. That's progress. And since we're talking change and progress, I'll prematurely announce that I'm going to be sharing more of less on another blog. Make Pictures will be reserved for strictly photographic endeavors that meet a certain caliber while my efforts will be more wide-ranging and less formal. Let's all say it together...iphoneography.

The url for those efforts will eventually be but for now is In the spirit of premature technological advance and embracing the inevitable, go have a look. It's a work in progress and hardly a formal effort. It's more me. More than just photography. And more consistent (I've got it set to update every 12 hours for the next month). Take what you will. I'm currently enjoying the polaroidification of my iPhone pix as seen with this post so one can expect boatloads of that stuff a la danconnertown in the future.

I look forward to 2010 and all it has to offer.

Make pictures always.

December 20, 2009

HBC Legacy Book

Earlier this year the Watchmen Portraits book got the attention of the Toronto-based Arcade Agency that asked me to shoot portraits for their client The Hudson Bay Company. I flew to Toronto for the day and made portraits of various Canadian athletes in the official Canadian Olympic clothing collection.

I recreated daylight in the studio by bouncing strobes off three twelve-foot wide floor-to-ceiling white seamlesses. It worked pretty well. The client was happy.

Arcade's Facebook page has the whole book on display.

And here's an iPhone shot of some of those same images printed billboard-size outside the Hudson Bay store in Vancouver. It's kinda cool being here while these are up.

Make pictures.

December 19, 2009

Mundane Parking Garage

Still testing. I want to see how a horizontal image displays.

I made this little diptych after seeing a movie and heading into the parking garage. I had walked to the theatre but left with friends who'd driven. I was struck with the strange emptiness and patterns of the space. I pulled out my iPhone and made a few wide shots and then "focused" on a few details. The 504 part was made in haste as I was rushed to catch up with the gang who'd already gotten to the car. The long exposure blur effect is what my photography professors always referred to as a "happy accident."

I later played with the images in the TiltShiftGen iPhone app which is probably my favorite, photography app out there. It gives my little images just the right amount of love and yet it's simple and clunky enough that it still feels rough.

Otherwise, Sucker Punch filming is about to pause for the holiday hiatus. That's it for now. I'm going to share a few more iPhone photo app ramblings shortly.

Make pix.

Young Farmer

I'm testing a new, larger format for sharing images and I'm using the promised portrait of a young farmer just outside Ketchum, ID to do it.

I made this photo after a friend introduced me to a woman, who knew a man whose son was a gifted gardener/farmer. We travelled a few minutes south of town to meet him sitting and eating peppers amidst his well crafted, mandela-shaped garden. After chatting with him for a while I was inspired to make a Streetstudio-style portrait. I looked around to see a trailer that would serve as my white background and made a few frames.

Later, I cleaned up a few dents and dirt that had been part of the metal background but it's well within the parameters of my self-imposed limited "retouching" mandate. Once I have a subject against a makeshift white background, I have no problem erasing and otherwise Photoshoping that background to match my vision. Could the light be better? Sure, but considering the spontaneous nature of the moment, I'm cool with it. Perfection is overrated.

Make pictures.