January 17, 2010

Got a Fever for the Flavors.me

I spent the morning at Vespa Vancouver to get the 300GTS checked out before I head 1500 miles south. As expected, it was in fine shape. I only needed a new tire having run over a 2-inch nail. The tire wasn't flat, just vulnerable. Otherwise, I'm good to go.  I leave Thursday.

I mentioned Catalyst Valley in my last post and now that's running under its own URL. Content and ahead of schedule, I've decided that rather than clutter "The Valley" with too much random imagery, I'd enlist Tumblr again to dump most of my iPhone pix. Just tumble over to clay•sta•tion for those pix which, of late, have been updated almost daily. ("ClayStation" is what the folks on the Sucker Punch set called my iMac work area so it seemed appropriate to carry that name forward). That blog is the real experiment in sharing too much. So far, so good.

Adding to the bookmarkable extravaganza I'm having, my friend Heather alerted me to the social network aggregator, Flavors.me and I whipped up a one-stop shop for my digital efforts. We'll see how that develops but in the meantime, the URL is simply, http://www.clayenos.com/stream. From there you can monitor all my affairs and I am challenged to keep it things distinct and interesting. I'll do my best. Hint: Clicking on the word "Traveler" under my name will call up my GPS coordinates.

If only updating my portfolio was so easy.

Make pictures and share like crazy.

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