January 27, 2010

Miles of Muses

The week-long Vespa sprint to Vegas has been a study in contrast with the first leg of my trip last Summer. I've experienced wicked winds, rain, and cold combined with long, full-tank, non-stop rides of 100-plus miles without ever letting go of the handle bars. Photos have passed me by left and right and I hope the muses are okay with my priorities. It's temporary.

This morning a fog settled in around Stockton, CA and I was teased with a breathtaking landscape of suburban desolation wrapped in an eerie mist. I didn't pull over. I was moving too fast. And an all too familiar regret ran its course through my head. "Maybe next time" is a reluctant and feeble stand-in for not photographing such fleeting atmospheric poetry.

Fog later forced me to pull-over for the night in Tehachapi, CA and my trusty iPhone allowed this quirky little gem. Perhaps I can take solace in the idea that boatloads of low-fi efforts are streaming daily over at the clay•sta•tion. Check them out at your leisure. Spread the word if you're so inclined.

Make pictures, make pix, make the muses happy.

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