February 10, 2010

Mundane Vegas

It's uncanny how some things end up going together. I have a fairly good visual memory (not so with numbers) so when I make a photograph it tends to linger in my mind and get triggered by any motifs that might be similar. Sometimes it's of a graphic nature while other times it's more conceptual. At its best, it's both.

Walking on the streets just beyond the Las Vegas strip my eye was drawn to a "dance" club minivan's less-than-sublte advertising. My mind jumped to an image made days prior of a sculpture outside Caesar's Palace. Sensing a potential match, I made a shot or three. Sure enough, the images are well suited for pairing. My favorite part is the pink sunburst echoing the bikini.

25th Floor
Once in a while the world simply conspires to give me a diptych. Yesterday, staring out from my hotel window I was struck by the simplicity of the parking lot below and made a shot. Not two seconds later,  I looked up to see an airplane flying overhead and knew what was possible. I raised the camera, composed its position to mirror the car's and almost missed the shot as the camera tried to focus through the window.

So that's that. Sometimes my little mundane shots are created from memory and contemplation, other times they're simply a gift from the universe.

Make pictures.

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