February 01, 2010

Picture What Happens in Vegas

There have been a few developments in my gear bag, approach, and itinerary. The gear involves the accidental trashing of my Canon G9 and replacing it with a simple Canon SD960 Digital Elph. It's the perfect pocket camera for my 2010 low-fi efforts and the macro function is exactly what's missing from my iPhone 3G.

I still rock my phone camera but increasingly I am pulling the Elph. (The two devices are sharing a pocket so it's a friendly relationship).

Vegas Verticals v3 (mundane)
My Tumblr queue is starting to back up a bit, so I have plenty of time to Lo-Mob or juxtapose images like the ones in this post. Since starting claystation, I've noticed that my phone-based "darkroom" efforts are increasingly time-consuming. I'm going to settle down a bit just to see where that takes me. It may be nuts but I'm a little concerned that I share too much on that blog.

Itinerary-wise, I'm staying in Las Vegas a little longer. A package coming from Canada has been held up in U.S. Customs and it contains an item or two I need before moving on. No big deal. I like this town's potential.

Make pictures and stay in Vegas.

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