March 19, 2010

Huatusco Coffee Farmer

Finally, a moment to reflect. As some of you may know who are following along on my Organic Coffee Vespa Tour, I haven't had that much down time to share my formal efforts. Let's see if that changes.

I made this portrait in one of the tiny villages outside Huatusco, Veracruz. I'd been traveling around visiting various farmers and farms with the proud co-op leaders. Their effort in the region has been a shining example of how collective effort can challenge big business and the continued commodification of coffee. The farmer's know they produce a quality coffee and deserve better. (Incidentally, these are the folks from whom Ben & Jerry's acquires the Fair Trade Coffee Extract used in some of their ice creams).

At one particular stop there was a perfect place to set up (or hold up) my white background for some quick streetstudio-style portraits. I had all but stopped making pictures along came this fellow with his irresistible wrinkles and the look of a man who knows what hard work is all about. He's a coffee farmer after all.

I didn't give it much love in post. The white is not totally white, there's no burning or dodging, just a little level adjustment and color shift. It's certainly good enough to share and I'm making the latter the priority.

I knew I'd want to blog this one as soon as the shutter clicked.

Make pictures and share 'em.
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