March 03, 2010

Mundane Travels

Mundane Hoover Dam

This little diptych is a inspired less by the hugeness of the Hoover Dam but by the electric wire infrastructure that it spawns. Big dams make big power and by all accounts we're using it.

Mundane Las Vegas X
This second pairing happened on a walk to the airport. My streetstudio days have made me partial to the letter X so when I see them I tend to pause and make a photo. Seeing two in such a short time, one terrestrial and the other celestial is just a bonus.

I'm off to more southern climbs these days. After a good run in Vegas, my Vespa is taking me into Central America to explore Organic Coffee and the faces behind my coffees. For fans of this blog that means the posts will be coming fast and furious in addition to all the photo blogs and alike linked from

Spread the word.

Make pictures.

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