March 25, 2010

Oaxaca Vespa

I am alone. Obviously. The Vespa is my stand-in. Here we are in Oaxaca! I joking call it "Vespa porn" but they are just pictures in places I like or am otherwise compelled to shoot. Textures attract me, quality of light makes it more photogenic and whatever camera happens to be with me makes the picture. This one is made with my Nikon but I'd be as content to share an iPhone photo. Clearly.

Since this trip I'm on is intended to be coffee-centric, the opportunity to make shots that are less client-focused or sponsor-friendly has not been a real priority. At the risk of sharing too much and even going off-topic, I've had a slight lull in the desire for formal image making. Obviously, when I'm in the coffee regions and visiting farmers I'm on it but when I'm just chilling in lovely parts of the world, the camera is an after-thought. Sure, I'm making my low-fi stuff, that doesn't really count, does it? What I'm talking about is the desire to make everything precious. Right now, the low-fi path has its considerable allure and the more formal stuff suffers.

Balance is tricky. Perhaps the distractions of schedule and my connections to affairs stateside have me distracted. Let's see. I'm sharing here just to purge. Heck, the last Flickr upload included a bunch of JPEGs directly from my point-n-shoot. Zero manipulations. Is that sloth or honesty? I'm fine with both but I prefer the latter.

Make pictures, don't get hung up on how nice they are.
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