April 26, 2010

Field Trip (By Request II)

I always get a little nervous when presented with shooting kids. Sometimes they end up getting all riled up in seeing themselves and the otherwise mellow vibe is disturbed with competing kids trying to get into my shots. Being brought to a school for the expressed purpose of making photos still had me concerned until I walked into the classroom.

The kids, as are so many Nicaraguans, were shy, gentle and accepting of what I was there to do. Calmness, deep curiosity, and quiet smiles were presented everywhere I looked. I walked in among the kids and chairs, stared at faces, lined up shots in my mind's eye, and periodically used my camera. This shot is the result of that exact process.

Picture it: A truck pulls up and a smiling gringo emerges carrying two huge cameras, walks into your classroom, and for any number of reasons, you don't get phased.

That's awesome, and that's not normal in my experience, but then again, Nicaragua isn't a normal place. I didn't try to make anyone feel comfortable. I said hello, made small talk, and pat some heads, but for the most part I skulked around looking for photos to make. These are just cool kids.

One of the things I always do is not pretend to be anything but a photographer. I am there to make pictures, not teach, not entertain, not corrupt. I think that helps on a subconscious level and my pictures (or at least the ones I like and share) reveal that. It's not a guarantee but it's seems to work for me. It often saves asking if I can take a picture. I just slowly start doing it.

What the heck else would you expect from a pale, geared-up Gringo?!

Make pictures.

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