April 20, 2010

Doorway Portraits

Flickr has been stealing all my time. Tons of images are there for your browsing. I'll blog about a few of them down the line but it's enough just to get those uploaded let alone tell the story behind each one.

And even though my Organic Coffee Vespa Tour isn't over, I've been toying with giving my return trip from Panamá some sort of aesthetic structure. I know I could just vespa my way back to the States without any agenda but I like to give a certain amount of structure to my global galavanting.

This shot, made in a farmhouse doorway, might just be the perfect thing to explore for that leg of the journey. It's almost too easy. I just pulled him into a doorway and shot. It's a quality of light available almost everywhere, and I can be far more spontaneous than with the Streetstudio. I feel pretty certain that I could find this light everywhere on my trip depending on the time of day.

One of the allures of this part of the world is the openness of everyday life. Folks aren't locked behind walls, spend loads of time on their porches, and are quick to engage passersby. Many homes don't have doors, just doorways, so it wouldn't be a major inconvenience to see someone and ask them to pose in a nearby threshold.

We'll see. I'm just sharing some thinking. A Facebook Friend was looking for ideas for her final class project and it got me pondering my next one. This is where I ended up after a day's thought.

Make pictures, keep thinking.
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