April 30, 2010

Pose and Compose (By Request)

Before I get to talking about this shot, y'all might want to visit http://clayenos.com/vespa to learn more about the adventure I'm currently on, and from which the recent posts/pictures are gleaned.

This is the security guard at the Marcala, Honduras dry mIll used by the RAOS Co-op. He was a jovial soul with a great face and a cowboy hat. I might have made a few shots of him earlier in the visit but after exploring the mill for a little while he ended up sitting in a place where some dramatic light pouring in a doorway gave him an almost Hollywood feel. It would have been way too contrasty if it weren't for some light bouncing back off the red coffee bags in the foreground.

I gestured for him to stay the way he was but he popped up to pose instead. He quickly grabbed his gun-belt and weapon, and stuck this militaristic pose. I just worked to frame the shot putting coffee in the left foreground and to cut off the flare inducing light source on the right.

I notice that little orange lip of something poking in on the right but most probably don't.

Photo-wise, this isn't my normal fare. It's anomalous light and an overly contrived stance but I'm glad someone likes it.

If anything, I'm impressed by the 24hr security needs of a dry mill. If you think about it, each of those bags is filled with "money." A thief with a truck and some muscle could load up and sell their ill-gotten gains to what's called a "coyote" in the neighborhood. No one would be the wiser.

Make pictures.

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