May 02, 2010

Two Che (By Request)

I'd been riding in the back of a pick-up for the better part of two hours when we returned to Jinotega, Nicaragua to run some errands. We'd picked up large bunches of plantains and were delivering them to folks. As the day turned to night I was excited to see what pictures could be made in drive-by mode. I love this time of day when the ambient natural light is equal to that produced by artificial sources. Arguably, it's my favorite time of the day and it's as fleeting as morning dew (or a coffee flower in full bloom).

As we turned around on this street, I saw the sunset, the Che stencil, and pink hues shared by both. I fumbled to switch cameras. I had been holding my D3x with the 50mm and needed my D3 with the 24mm. I lost a second or two in the transition and as a result lost some proximity to the building as we pulled away. I snapped two shots as quickly as my finger allowed and chimped the results with satisfaction.

Lightroom allowed me to reduce some contrast, do a little burning and dodging, and otherwise mimic ol' darkroom efforts and share it as is.

I like this shot too. It's got a subtle reference to place with a mood to match. And considering it's not exactly made under ideal conditions, standing in the back of a moving pick-up, I can imagine making a better shot one day. It's a little like golf, part of what keeps you playing is the potential to do better next time. Photography is the ultimate live-and-learn art form.

Make pictures.

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