February 10, 2010

Mundane Vegas

It's uncanny how some things end up going together. I have a fairly good visual memory (not so with numbers) so when I make a photograph it tends to linger in my mind and get triggered by any motifs that might be similar. Sometimes it's of a graphic nature while other times it's more conceptual. At its best, it's both.

Walking on the streets just beyond the Las Vegas strip my eye was drawn to a "dance" club minivan's less-than-sublte advertising. My mind jumped to an image made days prior of a sculpture outside Caesar's Palace. Sensing a potential match, I made a shot or three. Sure enough, the images are well suited for pairing. My favorite part is the pink sunburst echoing the bikini.

25th Floor
Once in a while the world simply conspires to give me a diptych. Yesterday, staring out from my hotel window I was struck by the simplicity of the parking lot below and made a shot. Not two seconds later,  I looked up to see an airplane flying overhead and knew what was possible. I raised the camera, composed its position to mirror the car's and almost missed the shot as the camera tried to focus through the window.

So that's that. Sometimes my little mundane shots are created from memory and contemplation, other times they're simply a gift from the universe.

Make pictures.

February 06, 2010

Las Vegas Blur

A quickie from the most famous (and fabulous) sign in Las Vegas. It's another in what's becoming a bad habit. From Mt Rushmore to the Taj Mahal, there's nothing a little in-camera motion blur doesn't make better.

Thanks to Homer Liwag for letting me borrow his camera to take this.

Make pictures.

February 04, 2010

Las Vespa

I've pit-stopped in Las Vegas to regroup and plan my ongoing Vespadventures. While food is likely to be a continued topic, my trajectory is south of the border and forcing my focus on organic coffee, coffee farmers, and alike.

I anticipate staying in Las Vegas for a couple weeks before heading toward Brownsville, Texas and across the border into Matamoros, Mexico. It was 1993 the last time I made that crossing. I was as a young hitch-hiker coming North. I was on my way from Bogota to Brooklyn.

Now it seems I'm destined to go from BC to Bogota on a Vespa. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

In the coming days and weeks I hope to blog about some of the Summer's Vespa Tour images. A couple folks are pitching the idea as a TV show so I'd love to have feedback around that idea. Post it and I'll share it with the potential producers.

Make pictures.

February 01, 2010

Picture What Happens in Vegas

There have been a few developments in my gear bag, approach, and itinerary. The gear involves the accidental trashing of my Canon G9 and replacing it with a simple Canon SD960 Digital Elph. It's the perfect pocket camera for my 2010 low-fi efforts and the macro function is exactly what's missing from my iPhone 3G.

I still rock my phone camera but increasingly I am pulling the Elph. (The two devices are sharing a pocket so it's a friendly relationship).

Vegas Verticals v3 (mundane)
My Tumblr queue is starting to back up a bit, so I have plenty of time to Lo-Mob or juxtapose images like the ones in this post. Since starting claystation, I've noticed that my phone-based "darkroom" efforts are increasingly time-consuming. I'm going to settle down a bit just to see where that takes me. It may be nuts but I'm a little concerned that I share too much on that blog.

Itinerary-wise, I'm staying in Las Vegas a little longer. A package coming from Canada has been held up in U.S. Customs and it contains an item or two I need before moving on. No big deal. I like this town's potential.

Make pictures and stay in Vegas.