December 16, 2010

My First Look

I'm a little late to the party with this post but I thought I'd take my Sucker Punch images in the order in which they appeared. This first ran in Entertainment Weekly last Summer to correspond with ComicCon San Diego.

I used my long lens (80-200mm) for this one. I was standing just off to the left of the movie camera ,and during the 3 or 4 takes I did my best to capture the scene. There was plenty of time between takes as explosive charges were reset and dirt was removed from the actors. The trick of course is to get a shot where everyone is visible and looking badass.

In the motion picture world you can put those things together in your head, over time. In my world, it's my job (and the retoucher's) to distill the moment into a single frame. As of this writing, I don't know if this is a composite or not. I don't think it is. I remember this being pretty much as is.

I gave the image some "love" in Lightroom to more accurately reflect the mood and color temperature of the scene but otherwise, it seems like a reasonably straight image. Keeping the 35mm proportions also lends credibility that it's my unadulterated, un-cropped shot. And that makes me happy.

Note: Last Summer, scans of the spread included the gutter of the magazine causing all renderings of the image to have a strange gap. That's all resolved now and the official site has the image up for unobstructed viewing.

December 15, 2010


I could give the standard excuse as to why this particular blog has been quiet but I'd instead direct your attention to a more active (often five posts a day) area of my web presence that will satisfy those hurtin' for a little visual inspiration or insight. It's called claystation, which is what the First Assistant Director called my portrait studio on the set of Sucker Punch, and it's chock full of over 1100 iPhone images made this year alone.

While this blog (Make Pictures) will continue to be a more in-depth venue for my thinking and process-related fare, my claystation efforts have me creating low-fi works with far more frequency and enthusiasm than this more concentrated, time-consuming, formality.

Make pictures. I am, like crazy.

December 14, 2010

We Interrupt this (otherwise neglected) Blog

I am inspired this morning. I visited the softly-launched site for my friend Eric and Tricia's documentary about the murder of journalists and feel compelled to share that link, and word of their ongoing efforts.

Please take a moment, visit their site, watch the trailer, and act accordingly.

Make pictures and thank you.