February 17, 2011

claystation #003

Today's installment is a longer chat inspired by the Wired.com video about my Streetstudio portraits that's been making the rounds of the interwebs.

It's as low-fi as ever.

February 10, 2011

claystation #002 Movie Set Photography

This is the second of what is likely to be many webcasts on various subjects. This particular recording is focused on my movie set work and unit photography in general.

I hope it offers a glimpse that is relevant and otherwise interesting to those who can spare the time. It last 20 minutes.

February 02, 2011

claystation webcast #001

This is the debut webisode on the UStream.tv program I'm calling claystation. It's a little long and visually dull but some may find it useful and/or interesting. There's more to come for sure.

I had some technical difficulties before beginning the recording so it begins abruptly because I'd been babbling for ten minutes prior to the start. And the strange black thing on the right side had text with my name, etc. during the live webcast but didn't end up transferring to the recording. I'm learning.