November 19, 2016

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#Repost @kctcabanban ・・・ For this edition of Special People Wear Special Jewelry, the lovely ladies of @ironcopperbronze 🤓 Bibi Bielat: artist, Swedish meatball master, (un)official Yosemite tour guide Cathy Caracciolo: pediatric ICU nurse, New Yorker, cheese pizza connoisseur Cathy saves lives and makes every single bag, Bibi makes delicious coffee and runs the ship. Just some of the things that make them special. They are wearing the gold sea dragon earrings, brass tusk necklace, brass tusk cuff, and silver ling ling o bracelet. #kristinecabanbanjewelry #ironcopperbronze #wearspecialjewelry 🙏🏽 via Instagram
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